Paint and Gelcoat

Protect and Prolong the life or your paintwork or gelcoat and avoid costly paint jobs while ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.  When A-glaze Superyacht Sealant is applied to a new or newly painted yacht it can double the life of the paint. A-glaze Sealant is is the only protective coating available that has been fully tested by Awl Grip.  Our silicon-free product allows for future re-painting due to damage or corrosion.



Stainless Steel

Create a protective barrier on your stainless surfaces to reduce the need for continual polishing. Our A-GLAZE stainless steel polymer sealant makes cleaning polished or brushed stainless surfaces easy without the need for chemicals or abrasives to do the job.



Glass Protection

Repel grime, calcium build-up and  salt water stains with our silicon-free A-GLAZE Glass Sealant.  Glass becomes easy to clean with our effective hydrophobic coating system that has oil and water repellent properties. This system eliminates the need for cleaning with vinegar or any other acid based cleaner. Our sealant is very durable, and can be used on both exterior and interior glass, great for use on mirrors.



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