A-glaze Superyacht Sealants

Repair Maintain and Protect

The RMP product range and service provides protection, sealing and polishing to all the paint, gel, gel coat, glass, stainless steel, marble and stone surfaces of boats, planes and cars.


For maximum shine NOTHING compares to the A-Glaze Surface Protection System. In fact A-Glaze delivers a shine that is up to 50% more brilliant than the rest. Most importantly, it's the only 5 polymer resin that bites in and then bonds to the surface to a depth of 5/7 microns and forms a tough crystal clear barrier which protects against extreme UV exposure plus other environmental hazards. It will withstand temperatures in excess of 300f.


For that deep shine that lasts we recommend that it be applied once a year to your paint or gel-coat finish. The A-Glaze Surface Protection System uses the most up-to-date technology available to provide the best possible protection for your craft's surface.


Marine A-Glaze will save you considerable cost in re-spraying and time out from personal use and charter.

An environmentally friendly alternative to re-spraying.
Protect against Ultra-violet rays.
Protect against exhaust staining.
Protect against extremes of temperature.
Protect against colour pigment deterioration.
Protect against salt damage.
Protect against ionisation and industrial pollution.
Allow black streaks to be easily removed.
Improve and extend the life of new paintwork & gel-coat.

Marine A-Glaze is suitable for use on all types of marine craft from jet-skis, speedboats, tenders, and superyachts - old or new.

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